Happy 6th Birthday Bailey-Boy.

I can’t believe Bailey is 6 years old today! Those years have gone quickly and he’s done so much adventurous stuff in his little life with us – swimming in Lakes, body boarding in the sea, hiking up high mountains, scrambling with us, walking a 26.2mile marathon, running with us as we rode our bikes around the New Forest, wearing ridiculous outfits, car camping, wild camping… lots of camping! He’s just an adventurous pup!

He’s given us a lot of good memories and laughs  – chasing cats and foxes, being cold at camp and having to be wrap in multiple layers, being afraid of smoke, learning several tricks, his agility lessons where he’s not afraid of the A-frame or dog walk, capturing a young squirrel (but letting it go again), being obsessed with a tennis ball, picking up sticks and hiding in bushes so we have to throw them for him and eventually learning that it’s ok to approach other dogs! He’s always been a lovable companion who groans if you need to shift him when he’s laid on you, he’ll sneak on to bed if he can get away with it (otherwise he’ll sleep beneath it), he’ll wait patiently for a tennis ball, he’ll tolerate you putting clothing on him and best of all he’s adorable when he’s affectionate… he’s a dog that doesn’t quit when he’s outside and will find any sources of water he can just so he can have a swim!

Yes, every day we are blessed to have him and every day we look forward to seeing him again when we return home from work/where ever we’ve been. The house doesn’t feel right when he’s not here and he’s helped make this house a home – he truly is a fantastic dog!

Happy 6th Birthday to Bailey. Officially a ‘senior’ in dog years now. Here’s to another 6 + years of loving times, fond memories and having him creep onto the bed when he shouldn’t…


Just Joanne