From Swindon to North Wales. First night.

This is it. I have departed Swindon and now I am in North Wales.

And I’m anxious.

I’ve spent the last two weeks thinking about the kit I will need to pack into the van and the last two days doing so. I’m surprised at how much space I still have and how much I have actually packed. My books and clothing have taken up the most space, followed closely by kitchen items, toiletries and bedding. Sadly, after all my careful planning I have left my mouse back at home! So the plan is to buy a cheap USB one if I can find one. D’oh.

Last night was very emotional and I am still full of mixed emotions. I very much want to be doing this but there are certain people (and a certain dog) that I do not want to be four hours drive away. So, I have been on and off crying since last night and there’s a terrible pain in my chest from missing them.

Four hours away from Swindon home…

On the other side, I NEEDED to get out of Swindon and find somewhere else to explore. Just tonight I have been walking along a promenade, alongside a train track gazing out into a bay and feeling calm at the sight. It has been bliss.

Beautiful sight!

And now, as the sun goes down and I am parked up, I am nervous at the thought of spending overnight in an unknown location. Sure, I have slept in my van alone before, but in areas I know. I suspect over time this feeling will lessen but as a precaution, I am sending my location each night to family and will be logging where I stay so I don’t have to think/search very late at night.

(For safety, and reducing environmental impact, I won’t be posting my locations on this blog.)

Tomorrow, I register and start the various introductions to the different aspects of the PGCE course and I get to meet the other trainees (there’s ten of us altogether), some I’ve contacted already via social media to say “hello”, but haven’t spoken to the late additions. So it’ll be fun to meet them- I’ll probably be the oldest one there!

For tonight I do have company! I won a Rastafarian pug toy from one of those hand-grab arcade machines on my first go – £1! So he rode shotgun on the journey up.

For the evening I’m going to watch a film I’ve downloaded on Netflix and try to relax and take my mind off things and get ready for bed. I’m looking forward to tomorrow but right now I am already missing the luxury of having access to a shower!


My evening plans.


Just Joanne


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  1. Wishing you all the best with the PGCE training Jo! oh, and invest in a decent mouse… your hand and wrist will thank you later!


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