In the moment

I sometimes feel that the universe has a way of telling me things. Today, whilst on a course (see other post), I was told by a gentleman to “always say yes to every offer you receive, as who will know where it’ll take you?” “live for the now” and “be the person you want to be“.

Then, later on, I was told to “stop looking at the end point and worry about what’s happening in the moment. Don’t rush.”

Suffice the say, that’s always been a problem of mine… jumping from one thing to the next and being worried about the end goal and missing the enjoyment of the journey getting there. One of the cooks at placement told me a few days back not to worry so much “the world will still be turning, so not need to rush. If you’re late you’re late.

I was also recently told to “slow down and be late for your own funeral”!

So all these words have resonated with me. I have been trying to fill up my time lately with so much stuff that some of it has become meaningless to me. I’ve let go of things that I previously used to enjoy because of a perceived failure of reaching that “end goal” that the journey getting there was the most important bit and I’ve forgotten that. I won’t get this time back.

So yes, I think the universe has really wanted me to know and reflect on these things.

I’m going to stop counting the weeks left of this course and try not to worry about what’s next and break these bad habits. Right now, I’m just to be pleased and grateful for the opportunities given and enjoy them whilst they last.

Just Joanne

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